Academic Calendar

Admission – Session 2023-24


Academic Session Shall consist of Two Semester:

  • Odd Semester (I,III,V& VII): July to December.
  • Even Semester (II,IV, VI & VIII): January to June.


Admission Notification Dates: 01.04.2023 via Advertisements in National Dailies Announcement – AIR Features in Newspapers

Date of Registration Starts – All Courses 01.04.2023
Last Date of Admission Form Submission – All Courses 30.04.2023
Entrance Exams B.Sc. Nursing 10.05.2023 to 14.05.2023
Publication of Results and Rank List (B.Sc Nursing) 26.05.2023
Interview First Allotment (B.Sc Nursing) 02.06.2023
Interview Second Allotment  (B.Sc Nursing) 13.06.2023
Mop Up Round (B.Sc Nursing) 15.06.2023
Admission Closes  – All Courses 31.07.2023
Commencement of Classes  – All Courses 01.08.2023




Odd – Semester



Dates Particulars
1. 1st Aug 2023 –30th Dec 2023 Duration of Semester
2. 1st Aug 2023 Induction program, Orientation/ Foundation Audit/ Course
3. 1st Aug 2023 Commencement of Semester
4. 15th Aug 2023 Independence Day
5. 14th September 2023 to 16th September 2023 Unit Test-I
6. 16th October 2023 to 18th October 2023 Unit Test-II
7. 26th Oct 2023 to 28th Oct 2023 Cultural Fest
8. 1st Nov 2023 Declaration of Probable Detention List
9. 20th Nov 2023 to 22nd Nov 2023 UnitTest-III
10. 20th Nov 2023 to 2nd Dec 2023 Examination Form Submission
11. 4th Dec 2023 to 12th Dec 2023 End Semester Practical and Skills Exam-Regular+ Backlog
12 13th Dec 2023 to 16th Dec 2023 Preparatory Break & Makeup classes
13. 17th Dec 2023 to 30th Dec 2023 End Semester   Theory  Examination  –  Regular  + Backlog
14. 2nd Jan 2024 – 13th Jan 2024 End Semester Break
15. 15th Jan 2024 Commencement of Next Semester
17. 10th Feb 2024 Declaration of Result



  • Skill Activity & Regular classes hall be conducted on all Saturdays


Even – Semester





1. 15th Jan 2024– 30th June 2024 Duration of Semester
2. 15th Jan 2024 Commencement of Semester
3. 26th Jan 2024 Republic Day
4. 22nd Feb 2024– 27th Feb 2024 Mid – Semester – I
5. 11th Mar 2024 – 16st Mar 2024 Mid – Semester – II
6. 30th Mar 2024 Declaration of Probable Detention List
8. 20th May 2024–2nd June 2024 Fillup Examination Form
9. 3rd June 2024–8th June 2024 End Semester Practical & Skills Exam-Regular+


10 10th June 2024–15th June 2024 Preparatory Break & Make up Classes
11. 17th June 2024–29th June 2024 End Semester Theory Examination–Regular+Backlog
12. 1st July 2024–31st July 2024 End Semester Break
13. 1st July 2024 – 7th Aug 2024 Summer Internship
14. 8th Aug 2024–13th Aug 2024 Internship Report Submission and evaluation
15. 1st Aug 2024 Commencement of Next Academic Year
16 10th Aug 2024 Declaration of Result


  • Skill Activity & Regular classes shall be conducted on all Saturdays



  • For courses without practical examination, the internal assessment marks shall be forwarded within 15 days after the completion of last theory exam. For courses with practical examination, the internal assessment marks shall be forwarded within in 10 days after the completion of last practical examination.
  • In each Semester, classes are to be engaged at least for 450 hours. Any deficiency in this shall be made good either by conducting classes on holidays/Saturdays or engaging extra classes on working days so that the minimum teaching hours (450 hours) shall be completed.
  • If any of the dates, prescribed in the calendar, happens to be a holiday, the next working day shall be the prescribed date for the academic event notified.
  • The Academic calendar shall be strictly followed, and the internal assessment made accordingly for the timely submission of CA marks to the Examination Section.
  • The Deans/HOD/Principals shall ensure that the students have the minimum attendance required for the previous semesters while registering them for University examinations and also ensure the minimum attendance required for the semester for which registrations were made while issuing the hall tickets.
  • The Schools/Departments/Colleges shall ensure that the Online/Offline registration of examinations are made complete by verification of the student registration at the required levels (Teacher Level, HoDLevel, Principal Level).
  • The attendance of students during the period of 80 days will be consideredfor calculating the percentage of attendance for the Semester.
  • Value added and extension activities are to be planned during Sport week to enhance participation of students. Exact dates shall be announced by coordinators.
  • CA: Continuous Assessment, ESA: End Semester Assessment, FTP-First set of Test Papers, STP-Second set of Test Papers
  • Last date for submission of complaints, if any by students to Head of the Department, regarding CA (Deans/HOD/Principals) should obtain signature from the Students that there is no complaint regarding CA
  • Last date for submission of CA marks by the Teachers to the Heads of the Departments (Enabling Online/Offline submission of CA marks)




  • All Schools and departments to have Technical & innovative activates like Tech-feast, Project Exhibition, workshop of 02 Days/03 Days (face-to-face mode). Planning to be given by competent authority /Dean/ HOD.
  • Activities like lesson planning, laboratory planning, tutorials, assignment, pedagogy, field/industry visits, expert talks, projects, components of continuous evaluation etc. Presentation to be organized in department, where each faculty members to present their academic planning.
  • Faculty recharge and research relatedactivates to be carried out during this period.



This is issued under the direction of Hon’ble Vice Chancellor subsequent to the resolution of a meeting with heads of the departments. Due to unforeseen situation’s the same may be changed under direction of the competent authority