Vice Chancellor

Prof. K. N. Jena

Vice Chancellor

Vice Chancellor's Message

Working together, we aim to bring a lasting and positive result through our learning, teaching and research. Himalayiya University is an excellent place to learn, find, experiment and shape the world. We try to give each curious soul the best knowledgeable solution and make them better citizens for the Nation to develop on the whole.

The motto of our university is to Arise, be Aware and don’t stop till the goal is reached. Our aim is to provide job oriented innovative courses so that our students can easily be absorbed in the job market. Our focus is also to create a knowledge bank of Academicians, Industrialists, Entrepreneurs, Bureaucrats, and Non-Govt. Organisations etc. We will also have linkages with national and foreign Himalayan institutes and universities for collaborative research.

A university is a place where we create, discover, conserve and distribute the Knowledge. I am very happy to say that this university is a place, where all the stakeholders have a free and conducive environment for teaching, learning, research and extension. I am sure that with the dedicated efforts of our faculty and staff, we will be able to train our young minds in a positive way so that they can contribute to the development of the Himalayan region.

I am confident that the vast pool of Human recourses present in the university will be able to contribute to and enlighten the students and community.

Best wishes