Master in Social Work

The Department’s vision is to become a premier institution for creative, multidisciplinary approaches to social work education and research, as well as functioning as a catalyst for constructive social change.

Since Its Inception, the Department of Social Work has been actively involved in academic and field-based initiatives. It aspires to promote participatory, inclusive, and long-term development. Dept. believes in fostering maximum human potential, skill development, equal opportunity, justice, respect for diversity, and an anti-discriminatory society. The Department’s role is divided into three areas. Teaching, being the first, involves the awarding of academic degrees with the goal of providing education for long-term growth. The second stage is Practice, which entails putting theory into action through programmatic intervention and field labs. The third category is Research, which comprises Dissertations and PHDs.

The Department of Social Work, provides Human Rights and Values-based professional Social Work education as a vocation of service, empowering Its students to
promote an egalitarian and just society through character development, transformational development, and critical consciousness.

In addition to classroom instruction, MSW students also participate in concurrent and block fieldwork in a variety of Government and Non-Government Organizations (NGOs), CSRs, and Hospitals.